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Curse you  :iconlewanut: now I have some questions to answer.  :D

1. Based on an understanding that the word “crib” is being used to refer to one's current living space, and not where one slumbered as an infant, how would you describe your crib, dawg?

College residence. My room is fairly tidy with stacks of finished drawings in the corners. There is a smell of tuna fish and protein supplements as a result of my room mate's healthy lifestyle choices.

2. Now that you've described your current residence, what sort of decor would you enjoy in your idealized home?

No tuna fish smell for starters...
2 story house surrounded by dense forests. The decor? Uhm, mix of old fashion and modern furnishings with inspirational art pieces hanging form the wall. Big bookshelves filled to the brim with old books and childhood mementos. Maybe a stuffed deer's head or two.

3. Ooh, that sounds right purty. Okay, now I'd like to know how you derive enjoyment from video games. What is it about video games that makes you want to play them, and drives which titles you choose?

God I don't know. I'm all over the map when it comes to video games. Generally they all have some kind of fantasy element (even the science fiction ones). They all have their violent moments too. I also like open world adventures and impossible heroic struggles (dwarf fortress and the Dawn of War Franchises are good examples of these). Alaso, a good amount of customization options. 

4. Speaking of entertainment, what are some examples of entertainment you enjoy but would admit are rather stupid?

Walking around forests without any clothes.

5. On the trend of being analytical of one's own weak spots, what are some examples of fallacious arguments in favor of something you support?

"This is my property, I can be naked as much as I want to be! If you have a problem with it, then look the other way! There's a whole forest separating our two houses, why are you even here?" :D

6. How would one's answers, or lack thereof, for the previous two questions affect your view on one's ability in the realm of critical thinking?

If someone can acknowledge that some of the things they like are stupid, than that means they are smart enough to realize this. However they are also stupid enough to keep doing it... In the end, I think it's a moot point.

7. Eventually, you're gonna die. Sorry if that's news to you. In light of the life you intend to live before this happens, what would your ideal obituary say?

Damned fine soldier. Or damned fine concept artist. A real ladies man who probably has over a dozen illegitimate children XD
I dunno, maybe one of those kids will say what an awesome dad I was and such. But that's highly unlikely.

8. Hm. Interesting. Okay, time to talk about your life in the meantime. If you could work for any one real-world employer (no Aperture Science), who would it be and why?

Canadian forces? Or an animation company. Or just as a freelance concept artist. I don't know, I'm torn between army life and art life.

9. Switch up! Analytically, how would you define the elements of what makes something funny or not funny?

The joke doesn't involve something immature. That's basically it for me. Also, the person being joked about can laugh about it too. If it's just a cruel joke meant to undermine someone's self esteem, it's not funny anymore.

10. The New Year is almost upon us. What is something that you're realistically hoping to accomplish in 2014?

Get some sleep. Pass the pre animation course I'm in. Get into better physical shape.

11. Okay, time for the big finish. This is a long one. Dear Generic Advice Columnist, each year I hold a hypothetical holiday party for all my hypothetical friends and relatives. There are two people who hypothetically have a rather bitter disagreement on a certain hypothetical generic controversial topic, and one of them always picks a fight as soon as he sees the other. So before this year's party, I had a talk with the argument-monger, telling them that if they started another row I'd stop inviting them to my parties that celebrate hypothetical holidays. But then the second person decided that in the absence of provocation, they would begin the festivities themselves, and hypothetically goaded the other person until they finally responded. How should I deal with this situation, assuming that it is not hypothetical after all?

Try your best to keep the two separated. Introduce them to new people and get them both drunk. Or just kick them out and let them argue outside.  


DreadHaven's Profile Picture
Francis Briggs
Currently trying my hand at digital art. Hard switching from pencil to tablet/ Photoshop though.

My computer does not have spell check. If you find a mistake in any of my writing, do not be surprised.

Current Residence: Ottawa Ontario
Favourite genre of music: Metal/ Rock
Favourite style of art: Surreal & Concept
Operating System: windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Skin of choice: Porcelain
Favourite cartoon character: Finn The Human
Personal Quote: If it aint broke, break it!

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WBLUnlimited Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for stopping by the page!  You enjoying everything?
Your Walfa strips man. They're well laid out and drawn and coloured, Haven't had the chance to read them yet tho (college is kicking my ass).
WBLUnlimited Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I don't draw them.  There's a program called Create.swf that lets you bring up characters, change facial expressions, generate comics, etc.  But I do create the individual panels, take screenshots and paste them into paint to make them into a strip.
Eh cool, I'll have to check that program out sometime.
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Wait, leopard?
It's a Hitchhiker's Guide reference.
Haven't read the book/ watched the movie in ages :P
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